Okay, so here’s the deal…

A long time ago, roughly….oh I don’t know, 6 months ago, I was banned from the Metal-Archives forums because I said some rather dumb shit. The Metal-Archives is the best Heavy Metal database on the internet. It was just a user-name ban, so I acquired another account. I made a few posts 2 days ago, and well….I’m banned again! But what did I do this time? Nothing. This time, they did manage to ban my IP however, which I’m a little confused by. What did I do?

What’s the problem M-A? Is there any reason to increase the punishment from its previous level? I know you guys can check IP addresses, but if my IP wasn’t banned the first time, why now? With the IP address situation in my mind, you must know I was tip-toeing the fuck around there (read: not provoking anyone, being agreeable). I don’t know what the deal is, but I don’t particularly care.

I thought it was kind of bullshit the first time I was banned, but I didn’t complain. I was thankful you guys continued to let me use the database anyways. I realize I was in the wrong. I bet an apology wouldn’t do any good, so I won’t give one, but come on. The first time, the forums were a pretty cool place to visit. Besides the few elitist members, everyone was generally nice and friendly. Upon my second arrival, I realized something pretty spectacular: almost none of the same members from when I originally posted still post. What happened? Did they all get banned too?

Whatever the case, I won’t be on the forums anymore – for good I guess. I’ll continue my daily usage of the site because of all the knowledge it contains, and I’ll still use band links to show my friends some of my favorites. I have nothing but praise for the database itself. Maybe someday I’ll be unbanned. I highly doubt it, but who knows? Time will tell. I won’t ask to be unbanned.

It would be cool though.


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