This was going to be a rant about Creedence Clearwater Revival…

But I have no desire to talk about Creedence Clearwater Revival. They just don’t inspire me to rant. Old people on the ground make me want to rant though. I mean seriously. Is it so wrong to find all the old actors in the commercials lying on the ground screaming for help hilarious? I should feel bad about that…

Anyways, here I am. Sitting here at 1:59 AM wondering what tomorrow (or today rather) will hold. It’s weird, because when I stay up all night like this, I still have to go lay in bed. That’s because my dad wakes up about 5 and comes down here. So I have to go back to my room, and if I don’t have any cool DVD commentaries to watch, I just lay there.

Uh…again anyways, The Sword‘s new album is pretty damn sweet. I don’t get why they’re so disrespected on the Metal Archives. They’re a unique band with an awesome sound. They have pretty cool twin guitars. They remind me of Sleep, only sped up about 400 times.

Early Testament, on their Legacy demo, is pretty damn good too. I never thought it would sound as good with ol’ Zetro behind the mic, but it sounds really damn solid. Definitely my favorite Testament release.

On a related note, I’m going to a Metal Masters concert this month. For those of you out of the loop, that’s Judas Priest, Motörhead, Heaven and Hell, and Testament. I mean FUCK, Halford, Lemmy, and Dio on one stage? This is going to be so killer. Our seats are actually pretty close too. I’ll take a picture of me and my Dad there on my phone and put it up here. I’ve only really been to 2 concerts before, aside from my local bands. I saw Aerosmith in 2001. That was an awesome experience. Then last year, a friend went with us to a Ted Nugent concert. That was fucking sweet as well.

Oh…and I guess I’ve seen another (kind-of) big band called On the Last Day. I didn’t like it. On the bright side, they don’t consider themselves to be a Metal band, so that’s points for them. Because they really aren’t Metal, and they shouldn’t try to be. I really didn’t dig their songwriting. It was a typical mainstream sound. Breakdowns abound. They tried to get a mosh-pit up. It worked pretty well, considering there were about 75 people there. The crowd ate their shit up. It was pretty damn funny though, when at the end, they had everyone in there jumping, except me! I felt pretty damn stupid, but it was still funny. And I wasn’t about to jump to that music.

Sorry, guys.


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