“Don’t you have to have songs to be in a band?”

I’m working on that. I have one song BASICALLY written, except the lyrics remain to be completed. It has a working title of “Rain Down“, but that’s subject to change. The title will either be that or “From Rain Beating Down on Eternal Earth.” The lyrics are going to deal with nature.

Nature’s something that intrigues me. I enjoy sitting in my car during a storm. Not just during rain, but snow storms, lightning storms, or whatever. During that time, I’m usually very inspired (read: STONED) and I like to write about what I see in metaphors. Or write what I see AS metaphors. I have lyrics written, but I need to write songs to go with them.

“If you already have a bunch of lyrics, why don’t you just use them for Rain Down?

Because I want Rain Down to be a song written fully away from my inspiration. I want to see if I’m still able to convey the meaningful thoughts I have when I am inspired. The lyrics might take a while, as you see.


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