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The Metal Archives has inspired a rant about Nachos…

Posted in Life, Ranting on October 19, 2008 by misainzig

Overall, I’d say nachos are awesome. Nothing like hot cheese on your corn chips. Also, chili isn’t a bad additive to your nacho resume. The best nachos I’ve had came from a gas station, Git ‘N’ Split. I recall hanging out with my friend Marcus late one night with both of us munching out on nachos. He ate one perfect chip, which was completely packed with cheese and chili. To this, he exclaimed, “It’s like a flavor explosion in my mouth!” to which I replied, “That’s what she said!”

Good times.

Nachos are a universally awesome food. They’re great in any situation. A hot Summer night, a cold Winter day, a chilly Autumn evening, or a warm Spring afternoon.

That’s about it.



Posted in Ranting on October 17, 2008 by misainzig

Her show is only good for female propaganda that claims they are more important than they really are.

That bitch needs to shut the fuck up, and get back in the kitchen.

Remember that essay I was just bitching about?

Posted in Ranting on October 17, 2008 by misainzig

Playing guitar is a fun way of expressing one’s feelings and thoughts through auditory form. Before you can play guitar amazingly, you must know some things about the instrument itself. You must know how to pick, how to tune, and how to ROCK! Hopefully my essay will be good enough to explain to you the basic details it takes to play guitar.
First, you must learn to hold a guitar pick right. Curl your pointer finger like in a fist, and set the guitar pick along the ridge of your finger. Find a comfortable position. Then, place your thumb on it and hold it fairly tight. To actually pick the guitar, you must try to hit the strings as lightly as you can with the very tip of the guitar pick. There are several different types of picking styles. There is palm muting, which is placing the palm of your hand slightly on the strings as to create a stacotto plucking sound. Another style is tremolo picking, which is simply sweeping your pick up and down the notes of your choice, while keeping the strings free of your palm. There are many other types of guitar picking.
Secondly, you must know how to tune your guitar. I actually don’t know how, but it’s not hard. If one of your strings is in tune, it’s fairly simple to get the rest to match up. Tune the selected string until it matches the 5th fret of the string right below it in tone. On the 2nd string from the bottom, it has to match to the 4th fret however. Tuning is a key factor for learning to play whatever song you want to play. Before you learn a song, make sure you are in the correct tuning that the song is in.
Finally, you need to learn to ROCK! First, you need to grow your hair out. This can kind of suck, but when it gets past the shoulders, it’s a piece of cake. Second, get some awesome band shirts. Anything from the 80s will do with the exception of Bon Jovi or Cinderella. Third, go to a Heavy Metal concert. That last step is about all you really need to get fully into the music. Finally, jump off your bed screaming praise to Dio and throw up the horns! Putting these moves to good use while playing guitar isn’t easy, but if you do, you’ll master the art of complete awesome-ness.
Hopefully you’ve learned the basics of playing a guitar. If you think you’re up to the challenge, go for it, because the world needs more guitar players. Just try not to write horrible music like we’re all so used to hearing.

Can you eat this sock?

Posted in Life on October 16, 2008 by misainzig

Because I can’t. I have to write this dumb fucking essay for my senior English class and instead, here I am writing on my useless blog.


Complete and utter fucking shenanigans…

Posted in Ranting on October 14, 2008 by misainzig

No really. I shit you not. Life is in utter chaos. Children are starving all over Texas and no rich oil tyrant is going to lower his prices so the faggots can eat.