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Death Fuck – Abnormal Rape Demo 1987 – 12%

Posted in Heavy Metal Discussion, Heavy Metal Reviews on November 29, 2008 by misainzig

I have no idea who the fuck Death Fuck is, but they suck. How is this shit even called Thrash? This demo is about as good as its production, which is horrible. The first song “Anarchy” is fucking punk, and not good punk. It’s slow and shit. When you’re not being overpowered by the booming bass, you’re subject to the most boring riffset this side of Nevermore. Then a few cymbal crashes. That’s really all you can hear in the drums. “Beyond the Dead” has this cool vocal part during the chorus where Billy Messiah just booms. Actually pretty effective in striking this zombie-fearing beast voice type thing, but the whispering vocals in the rest of the song are absolutely unbearable. Apparently, Billy Messiah was the vocalist for the first few Mayhem releases, but that doesn’t mean this shit is any good. Mallcore was born right here, folks.

“Vomit Lust” is absolutely unlistenable. You can hear NO guitar, which is a first for me. I’ve never heard an album where the bass overpowers every other instrument. “Fucking Scout” is basically “Anarchy” at a different speed. I cannot tell the difference between the 2 songs.

Don’t listen to this.


Cancer – No Fuckin Cover Demo 1988 – 49%

Posted in Heavy Metal Discussion, Heavy Metal Reviews on November 29, 2008 by misainzig

What we have here is the first demo of one of the best Death Metal bands ever. “The Growth Has Begun” is pretty fucking rough, and the vocals are bad. They’re kind of Black Metalish almost, just horribly done. Imagine Paul Baloff’s sort of high singing voice, only whispered. Yeah…fucking lame. The gang vocals don’t help in the chorus, as it just sounds like they took one guy saying it and layered it 5 times over. Blind Guardian, this is not. “Burning Casket” would later be re-recorded for Death Shall Rise, and rightfully so. It’s a good song that is ruined here by musicians not mature enough to play the song, if that makes any sense. That’s kind of weird. It’s as though they wrote the song prematurely. I mean this version just sucks! The drumming on both songs is just as plain as vanilla and doesn’t really do anything to make you go “wow” or “cool.” Perhaps the best part of the entire demo is at 2:20 in Burning Casket when it starts fucking THRASHING! Then a few seconds later, there’s this fucking ripping solo out of nowhere!

Sure, the production is muddy as fuck, but you can almost always hear the bass. Not that the bass lines are anything interesting, as they just sound like they’re keeping with the tempo instead of adding any extra melody.

This is pretty cool for someone (like me) who loves Cancer, but I won’t listen to it that much. It’s just too mediocre, and they grew into a much better band. That said, CANCER FUCKING CANCER!

Anialator – 1987 Demo – 29%

Posted in Heavy Metal Discussion, Heavy Metal Reviews on November 28, 2008 by misainzig

Anialator starts off with some menacing part that’s nearly identical to Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” once it reaches full volume. The vocals sound like a tired/bored Tom Araya, which then go through several stages of not being able to hear them at all. Besides horrible spelling, this demo has horrible production. There is nothing good about Slayer, minus the good production, plus a tired vocalist. The solos are slightly more decipherable than Slayer’s which doesn’t say much as these solos pretty much blow. The song then fades out to “Angel of Death”-dom and is reletively uneffective in being enjoyable.

Feel the Pain is like a shitty Overkill cover band with, once again, Tom Araya’s tired dirty ass on vocals. Lyrics include such memorable lines as: “I will find you! You can’t get away! Feel the Pain! From Within.” Really fucking creative guys. While the first song was a halfway cool Slayer rip-off, this song just plods along with the same D.R.I. “Five Year Plan” riff, or about 3 variations of it, through the entire song. It ends with this awesome double bass that is pretty fast. “Nuclear Destruction” has a fair share of thrashing in it sort of reminiscent of Destruction, but it’s just….bad. Mission of Death is probably an even bigger “Angel of Death” rip-off. The vocals honestly ruin any type of credibility this demo has ever had/ever will have.

There is NO bass on this release. The drums are most of the time run of the mill thrash drums with occasionally impressive double bass. The riffs are typically made up of open note palm mutes that then move up the fretboard to allow for more power-chord mediocre-ness.

Want to know which bands this band rips off? You can tell by the track titles.

Anialator – Hell Awaits by Slayer
Feel the Pain – Feel the Fire by Overkill
Nuclear Destruction – Destruction themselves!
Mission of Death – Angel of Death by Slayer

Just get anything by those 3 mentioned artists instead. Forgotten band for a reason.

Airdash – Hospital Hallucinations Take One – 37%

Posted in Heavy Metal Discussion, Heavy Metal Reviews on November 28, 2008 by misainzig

During this review, I’m going to be throwing out a lot of song comparisons to Anthrax. Because that’s what it sounds like, only bad. I mean CHRIST, even their logo shares characteristics of Anthrax’s.

But without the comedy I guess. The thing I notice most about this album is how fucking weak it sounds. The guitar riffs, when heard/understood correctly (you have to hear them to understand what I mean), are pretty fucking lame. Whenever they’re not chording pointlessly about, the riffs are simply bad Crossover. At 3:12 in “If…” they actually pull out a semi-enjoyable riff that sounds like some reject from Persistence of Time, only slower and more meaningless. “Youth Hostel” has a good riff to start off that any thrash fan can enjoy, if you’ve never heard the Anthrax original.

I don’t know what the fuck it is, but the vocals are fucking weak! They constantly go in and out of tune, with no real feeling for which note they were going for in the first place. Who honestly thought this guy would make a good thrash vocalist? The vocals on this album sound a lot like on the Deafen EP. Imagine Joey Belladonna with literally nothing (we’re past the point of castration here) below his waist, and you get Juha Laine’s vocals.

One highlight of the album has to be “Jungle Jim.” It starts off with a (waddaya-know?!?!) acoustic guitar intro ala “Be All, End All.” Then the drums come along slightly reminding me of The Enemy, only nowhere near as awesome. Then the mid-paced sound Metallica’s Death Magentic has captured so well shines on here, not sounding a bit more original than that. Now that I mention it, fans of Death Magnetic might enjoy this if they enjoy their thrash with literally no thrashing. The reason this song is a highlight though is that it doesn’t actually flat-out suck. The riffs, for being as mid-paced as they are, are enjoyable and comprehendable. “Decent Citizen” and “Forbidden Thoughts” follow suit here, being in pretty much the same vein, though quite a bit more sterile and same-y. “Forbidden Thoughts” in particular tends to rip off the intro to “Caught in a Mosh,” just a ton more boring. It turns into a competent thrasher though with second rate riffs, but hey! It’s good for them. “LAAAAAAAAW AND ORDERRRR” is one of the worst vocal lines ever. Then the gang vocals show up to back those pussy vocals up by going “ORDER!” and it’s just a fucking weak mess.  They manage to throw out a little bit of an Acid Drinkers sound, especially in the drums. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album influenced Acid Drinkers. Thankfully, AD did crossover right whearas this album doesn’t seem to do anything right.

“Vengeance through Violence” picks up the pace but still manages to bore the living fuck out of me. “Trigger Happy” fares no better. When this band thrashes, don’t take notice, because it’s not worth it. “Sleepwalk,” while having nothing to do with new Megadeth, sure makes me wish I was listening to Megadeth instead. The leads in this song are literally A) Copy and paste any Kirk Hammett solo or B) Copy and paste from “Jungle Jim” or “Youth Hostel.”

Fuck this album. If you think Anthrax has too much balls and you ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HATE IT, get this.


Posted in Heavy Metal Discussion, Ranting on November 22, 2008 by misainzig

Not talking about anything in particular. I’m just bored so I figure “HEY WHAT THE FUCK. I HAVE A BLOG LETS GO WASTE SOMEONE’S TIME!” And waste your time I shall…

I suppose I could talk about something worthwhile, but I have nothing really worthwhile to talk about. Which makes me wonder, why do people even exist? Talk about shit that’s not worthwhile. All humans do is ruin the environment, kill animals, and fuck with everything else. Humans are going to be the downfall of all things living. It’s just fucking obvious.

Right now, I’m listening to Overcast, a Metalcore band featuring Shadows Fall singer Brian Fair back before he turned all “shadowy” and “fally.” They’re supposedly one of the first Metalcore bands ever, and what the fuck…I’M ENJOYING IT! It’s nothing like any other Metalcore I’ve ever heard. IT ACTUALLY THRASHES! Stick this in your pipe and smoke it Matt Heafy. THIS IS HOW TO MAKE THRASHY METALCORE!

That said, fuck Trivium.

I just read about that 19 year old who killed himself live on the internet…

Posted in Life on November 21, 2008 by misainzig

And wow. A bunch of people got to see him die. What kind of moronic faggots would actually egg him on to do the act? That’s absolutely fucking horrid. Society is a bunch of cold-hearted bastards, that’s for sure.

Rest in peace dude.

Totally fucking old-school!

Posted in Heavy Metal Discussion on November 19, 2008 by misainzig

Anyone out there love some old school Death Metal? Check out Krabathor! Absolutely stunning band.

I’ve only heard 2 albums so far (Cool Mortification and Lies), but they are both fucking gold and I recommend them to anyone who respects themself as a Death Metal enthusiast.