October/November/December: A 1-2-3 knockout for health freaks

If people really want to address the fact that all Americans are fat bastards (myself included), why don’t they attack the 3 biggest events of these months?

October is filled with candy grubbing children who gather wealthy amounts, and eat it all.

November is filled with family get-togethers with lots of turkey and other shit to eat.

December is filled with the ultimate chrimbo feast that is guaranteed to finally kick someone’s ass with food.

NOT TO MENTION: The fact that this is fucking Winter. No one is going to go out jogging in all of this cold shit. Fitness levels are at an all time low by the year, and people are not getting the adequate exercise they need. (not like they ever have…)

If people really want to attack obesity in the USA, we need Barack Obama to follow his father’s heritage and kill every Christian ever.

That would be nice anyways.


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