Not talking about anything in particular. I’m just bored so I figure “HEY WHAT THE FUCK. I HAVE A BLOG LETS GO WASTE SOMEONE’S TIME!” And waste your time I shall…

I suppose I could talk about something worthwhile, but I have nothing really worthwhile to talk about. Which makes me wonder, why do people even exist? Talk about shit that’s not worthwhile. All humans do is ruin the environment, kill animals, and fuck with everything else. Humans are going to be the downfall of all things living. It’s just fucking obvious.

Right now, I’m listening to Overcast, a Metalcore band featuring Shadows Fall singer Brian Fair back before he turned all “shadowy” and “fally.” They’re supposedly one of the first Metalcore bands ever, and what the fuck…I’M ENJOYING IT! It’s nothing like any other Metalcore I’ve ever heard. IT ACTUALLY THRASHES! Stick this in your pipe and smoke it Matt Heafy. THIS IS HOW TO MAKE THRASHY METALCORE!

That said, fuck Trivium.


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