Anialator – 1987 Demo – 29%

Anialator starts off with some menacing part that’s nearly identical to Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” once it reaches full volume. The vocals sound like a tired/bored Tom Araya, which then go through several stages of not being able to hear them at all. Besides horrible spelling, this demo has horrible production. There is nothing good about Slayer, minus the good production, plus a tired vocalist. The solos are slightly more decipherable than Slayer’s which doesn’t say much as these solos pretty much blow. The song then fades out to “Angel of Death”-dom and is reletively uneffective in being enjoyable.

Feel the Pain is like a shitty Overkill cover band with, once again, Tom Araya’s tired dirty ass on vocals. Lyrics include such memorable lines as: “I will find you! You can’t get away! Feel the Pain! From Within.” Really fucking creative guys. While the first song was a halfway cool Slayer rip-off, this song just plods along with the same D.R.I. “Five Year Plan” riff, or about 3 variations of it, through the entire song. It ends with this awesome double bass that is pretty fast. “Nuclear Destruction” has a fair share of thrashing in it sort of reminiscent of Destruction, but it’s just….bad. Mission of Death is probably an even bigger “Angel of Death” rip-off. The vocals honestly ruin any type of credibility this demo has ever had/ever will have.

There is NO bass on this release. The drums are most of the time run of the mill thrash drums with occasionally impressive double bass. The riffs are typically made up of open note palm mutes that then move up the fretboard to allow for more power-chord mediocre-ness.

Want to know which bands this band rips off? You can tell by the track titles.

Anialator – Hell Awaits by Slayer
Feel the Pain – Feel the Fire by Overkill
Nuclear Destruction – Destruction themselves!
Mission of Death – Angel of Death by Slayer

Just get anything by those 3 mentioned artists instead. Forgotten band for a reason.


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