Fallout – Rock Hard/Batteries Not Included 1981 – 76%

Now this is a real gem. Before Type O Negative, there was Repulsion. Before Repulsion, there was Carnivore. And before Carnivore, there was Fallout. Fallout is the first band in the lengthy legacy of Peter Steele.

Now this release is far different from anything Petrus has released, being a straight forward slab of American heavy metal. It borders on 70s classic rock half the time. The production is fairly simple, and everything is heard very clearly. A little fuzzy, but not what I would call raw.

“Rock Hard” is a synth driven heavy metal tune. At this time in history, Peter Steele had not really developed his deep vocals as Type O fans have become accustomed to. At the same time, his voice manages to be undeniably his. You can still hear him roll his r’s and a ton of elements from later songwriting remain here. Take the break at 2:16 for instance. This would fit absolutely perfectly on either Slow, Deep, and Hard or Bloody Kisses. Then something you wouldn’t expect from Type O – a blazing solo filled with plenty of classic metal hooks that is very similar to that of a Scorpions solo.

“Batteries Not Included” is a piano driven hard rock tune. The apocalyptic/nuclear/hopeless-ness of Carnivore got their start with this song. The synth in this song isn’t that far removed from some other song you’ve heard on Holy Diver. The solo begins in this song, and you’re transported to fucking boogie! Really, this track is more Hard Rock than Metal, but it’s still got Peter’s trademark in both performance and songwriting.

This is such a treat for the Carnivore/Type O fan. It’s nearly impossible to find, apart from internet bootlegs, one of which I have. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a very fun release for the Peter Steele enthusiast.


One Response to “Fallout – Rock Hard/Batteries Not Included 1981 – 76%”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Hey man, My name is Bradley and I am a HUGE fan of all things Steele was a part of. Fallout is something I can’t seem to find anywhere to download. It would be AWESOME if you could upload some Fallout to “mediafire.com” and e-mail me the link. THANKS ALOT MAN!!!!

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