Take a step into my mind, my children *evil laugh*

Unfortunately, that’s where my lame attempt at humor comes to an end in this post. I want to warn you: what I think in my mind is usually obscene, violent, and sick, and I’m about to share some of these things with you.

I’ve decided to post my thoughts in a fun-fact type style, as to not make the reading quite so heavy.

1- I believe the human race is obsolete in the field of beauty in nature
2- I believe America is a world-wide bully of sorts
3- While I’ve joked about it with friends, I truly believe abortion should be mandatory for all women who ever become infested with the seed of life
4- Humans have ruined the Earth with pollution, cities, and deforestation
5- All religions are pointless and obsolete
6- Humans should be wiped off the face of the planet

Now, for the (somewhat more) realistic thoughts I have. We all know that thought 6 won’t happen soon (chyeah right), but here’s what the Human population should be doing better.

7- Eliminate all religions, and all religious extremists
8- Focus much more of our budget on alternative fuels, as opposed to funding the Holy Christian Crusade known as the “War on Terror”
9- Completely eliminate all current forms of government, and start anew
10- Destroy all weapons (guess that makes me a pacifist)
11- Legalize pot, and make it mandatory for each person to try at least twice

From the sounds of about half of these, I might sound (ever so slightly) like a terrorist. Throw this logic out. I strictly and simply believe in humans being the best they can be as to preserve our civilization in its purest form, for as long as possible. We are absolutely not doing that right now.

Now, about me being a terrorist. GET THAT SHIT OUT OF HERE. I will never bring myself to kill a human being. I have this sort of “rule” I’ve said a few times and it goes as follows:

“I will only ever take the life of another human if I know I can get them all.”

Now, anyone with half of an IQ point knows this is beyond impossible. Therefore, know that I will never kill a human, because I abide by that rule.

Read this, and hopefully you’ll be able to comprehend me and my thinking a little more.


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