My Encounter at the Metal Masters Tour 2008

When my dad and I went to the Metal Masters tour date in Albuquerque this year, there was this drunk/Mexican/balding type dude who had been flipping Halford off the entire JP set. Then towards the middle of their set, he started yelling “faggot” and “homo” and dumb unnecessary shit like that. Surely this behavior is plausible for some deranged dumb 19 year old to say, but a guy in his late 40s?

During Priest’s first encore, I threw my cup of Sprite on him. I wasn’t about to pick a fight with this dude, but I was a little pissed at the time. He reaches out to shake my hand and me, being the gullible dumbass, reach my hand for his. He then attempts to pull me down 2 rows into his row, but I wasn’t going anywhere. This guy was only like 5’5″. Then I guess he had this guy who might have been his brother, who threatened to “kill that fucking kid!” Then there was the original guy’s daughter, who said something to the extent of, “Don’t mind him. I’m a lesbian and he’s just messing with me.” This 13 year old (or so) girl!

Then security came and we explained what had happened. The guards had cited with us. They got their just in time as my dad was about to rush the gangly looking fucker.

We were then escorted back a few rows because I had started the entire confrontation on the wrong encore. But we got to see the last song, and then we high tailed it the fuck back to our car! We weren’t about to get a family of Mexican dudes after us.

Overall, the concert was the best 5 hours of my life, but that last 20 minutes was insane.


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