I want to sleep, but can’t…

That’s right. Physically, I could fall asleep – easily. It’s just that I can’t because the day is young, and I don’t want to sleep all day. Surely if I fell asleep right now, I wouldn’t wake up until this time tomorrow. I’ve been up for 3 days now, and it’s wearing me down. I feel really miserable. I have a very uneasy pain in my chest, and I can’t think quite straight. Nothing tastes right, I have heart burn, and my clothes don’t feel comfortable.

Maybe I’ll just set my alarm….for…..well…later…

Anyways, fuck Seth. Not really, because he’s awesome, but fuck him. I’m going to be straight up: he owes me. Actually not…I kind of owe him. He’s doing a logo for Misainzig, and he was supposed to get it to me yesterday. He didn’t. Therefore, who owes who?

Meh. Life. Is. Meh.








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