God is shot down again

If the lies being spewed by pastors like Fred Winters are being silenced, then I can look upon the world in a brighter light.

I’m very firm in the belief that there really isn’t an afterlife. There is nothing that is going to change that. The only thing that would change that is if I get hit in the head, and go all fucking crazy loopy. Like psych ward crazy. Then we’ll see. But for now, no way.

That in consideration, if I do die, and I am up at the “pearly gates” on Judgment Day, I’ll gladly accept my fate into the depths of Hell. I’ll deserve it for ignoring that bastard’s hints in the form of crazy dudes starving in the desert writing all of their hallucinations on stones. (I mean seriously people…)

I’m sure I’m not wrong, however. There’s no proof, and those old crazy ramblings of impossibilities and magic are just false. Use some common sense you dumb pieces of shit!

I’m sure Pastor Fred Winters was a great dude. I bet he really was. But I’d say the world’s a better place now that he has been taken to his lord in the sky. The entire reason the world is at war is because of religion. It goes back much farther than 9/11, or even the Gulf War. It was way before the U.N. decided to, for lack of a better term, “install” a place for all of the Jews to live after Hitler fucked them over. These people have been fighting for over a thousand years, and no “treaty” or anything is going to change that.

The way those crazy Muslims see it is, our government is a Christian run wrecking ball that is out to wipe out their religion. Then again, how crazy are they? No one can seriously deny the fact that there has been Christian influence in our government. They see us as the enemy that is here to wipe them the fuck off this flea-bitten planet. With the way they preach of violence and bloodshed, how can we not afford to wipe them out? We’ve pissed off the wrong beehive, and what do you do when you have a beehive that is a threat to you? You exterminate it. That’s what’s going to happen. I’ll put money on it.

I’m not saying I’m for it or anything, but there aren’t a lot of alternatives. If we leave, they’re just going to bring the war back to us, and this shit will never end. There will always be those terrorist sleeper cells and all those suicide bombers and stuff. There’s no getting rid of them. Unless you bomb the fuck out of where they live. In a way, maybe that’s the solution. A grave one, yes, but possibly the only hope.

Now that I think about it, the less religious kooks we have in this world, the better.

Fuck you Jesus.
Fuck you Mohammed.
Fuck you Buddha.
Fuck you Vishnu.
Fuck you Jerry Falwell.
Fuck you Fred Winters.


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