Dr. LivingDead! – Thrashing the Law 2008 – 77%

Dr. Livingdead is this tiny thrash/crossover band. Their style is essentially a parody of the thrash ideals that spewed out of the 80s. The songs are all roughly 2 minutes or slightly longer, and all feature thrash riffs that are easy to like. None of the riffs are doing anything original, but they are riffs that haven’t quite been done before. They’re staying in a fairly safe zone with the riffage by not trying anything too fancy or eclectic. The riffage is as simple and straightforward as it gets. Gremlin’s Night shows off quite a bit of Anthrax influence, with a splash of Disposable Heroes. Imagine that with vocals along the lines of Mike Muir and Tom Araya doing a duet, which are singing about furry animals terrifying the night. Enter some slow and pulverizing breakdowns ala Slayer’s South of Heaven and you’ve got a recipe for a great live moshing tune.  The drums don’t stray far from the Slayer formula either.  There isn’t anything remotely remarkable about the drums. They just bang along with the thrashing. You can tell the drummer is talented though. He knows how to play competently.

I Need Thrash (Not You!) continues in the very same Slayer influenced immature Suicyko style. The riffs aren’t incredibly fast, and keep a slight Creeping Death pace to them. Kindergarten Cop (as you might imagine) featues samples from the movie, and lyrics about it. The song Dr. Living Dead has some fast thrashy parts, but they’re pretty sparcely laid out among the more boring slow parts that have meanduring riffs.

Kerry Burger King is probably the greatest song here, being an all-out Slayer parody. There’s some Angel of Death screaming, some South of Heaven riffing, some Seasons in the Abyss vocals, and lyrics about Kerry King’s fat ass needing greasy onion rings to play his guitar solos fast. There’s also a great parody of Piece by Piece in both lyrics, and riffage:


(I think thats what he says. Thats what it sounds like.)

The song cuts off at about 1:20, and a few seconds later an Iron Maiden parody starts up. It’s an abbreviated (and badly out of tune) version of Caught Somewhere In Time, complete with cheap/cheesy sounding keyboards mimicking trumpets.

Honestly, what more can be said about 6 songs that come out to 13 minutes? It’s competent modern crossover that mimicks its influences in a complete, satisfying swoop. Plus, it’s free! You can download it from their official website. It’s a fun listen, that’s for sure. Being 13 minutes however, means you shouldn’t take it seriously. I don’t even know if this band is for real. They’ve released 2 13 minute demos that share the exact same sense of humor.

Nothing ground breaking, but you’d be retarded to think it ever could have been in the first place.


4 Responses to “Dr. LivingDead! – Thrashing the Law 2008 – 77%”

  1. they’re freakin’ serious lol, they’re about to start a world tour! They’re coming to Brazil at least, I’m fuckin excited about it! ;D

  2. Your review confuses me. One second it sounds like you hate them, and next second it sounds like you like them. Here’s what I have to say: Dr. Livingdead’s the most ground breaking band on Earth that’s still around. With bands like Municipal Waste and SOD, I didn’t think it could get better, but with Dr. Livingdead, it does. The riffs are the most inspiring ever, and I’d never say they are “straightforward”, as you put it. Oh, and the drummer IS talented, and very much so. Also, I’m glad the songs are short, those long songs by Metallica and other bands just make you want to fall asleep. I’m in a band, and I say Dr. Livingdead is my biggest influence, and you can quote me on that! Long live the Doctor!!!

    • It sounds like I hate them? I never intended it to sound like that and I’m not sure where you’re getting that idea from, but it may have something to do with my style of reviewing. I try and be as unbiased and critical as I can, which may sometimes mean saying negative things about good bands. I’m just trying to be critical and address what I find as the band’s flaws. Know what I mean?

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