Blind Guardian – Plays Beach Boys 1996 – 50%

What could have been the logic behind this? I understand that the Beach Boys were an influence on Hansi and the gang, but was this really necessary? Sure they may be great for novelty purposes. But what else is there? What was the point of these songs? Were BG just having some fun in the studio? I really can’t see a point in it. It is slightly interesting, as you don’t often hear metal versions of Beach Boys songs.

Both of the songs here stay faithful to the original songs to a certain extent. Surfin’ USA is cool because at the middle, they bring in the double bass and kick it up a notch. Then after that, they fully bring in the speed and shred their way through the fucking thing. This ain’t your grandma’s surf music! Then there’s the dreaded Ba-Ba-Baaaaa, Ba-Ba-Bara Ann. Once again, Blind Guardian is making it seem perfectly cool for completely straight middle age men to jump around and act gay. Long Tall Sally goes into more rockish territory.

I don’t know what to think about this. It’s unnecessary, but listen to if if you want. It’s not like you don’t have 4 minutes and 8 seconds to waste anyways.


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