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Wild Ocean Breeze

Posted in Story Time on April 8, 2011 by misainzig

Fountains upon fountains of swashbuckling waves
Winning the seas while whipping the knaves
“Allow me the tools, so that I may see”
Blasphemy! Your purpose is to serve me

A harrowing harbinger of a heated host
Released from the ship as merely a ghost
Forget the life – ingrained – once known
You’re mine now – return back below

The lights of the sky review your predicament
The massive lights amass massive mental debt
A fortified fortress with fifty superior men
Get back in line, or we’ll bring you an end

The sea-settlement sinks, and rises with tides
Restrained by the fog, in which it hides
Forget the freedom and peace you have had
This wild ocean breeze will drive you mad

The servers of this ship may come and go
But the crew remains a single man in tow
Awash in the waves for quite some time
A man who is a slave to his own mind


From Homi to Sui

Posted in Story Time on April 7, 2011 by misainzig

A method for entering an abyss

Parallel to life, shall never exist


A mislead soul with a preference for dark corners

Commits an act that normally breeds mourners


A deadly act, lives are torn apart

Peculiar this time, the shadow itself shall depart

From one -cide of life, to another -cide.

For Civilization

Posted in Story Time on April 7, 2011 by misainzig

Inspiration cannot go quite as far

Once you discover restricted life in a jar

So many things once seen from afar

Slowly drift away  from civilization


Some people dance, some people rejoice

Why should anyone care to have a choice?

I’ll love freedom when I finally hear my voice

Slowly making way for civilization


Restricting laws of restricting authority

I’d be afraid if I could contain my pity

Slaves of slavers controlling the city

Slowly they prey on civilization


If you ever find your voice in the crowd

Make sure you project it extremely loud

Make sure it reaches the heights of a cloud

Slowly you save our civilization


Subhuman strength

Posted in Story Time on April 6, 2011 by misainzig

The subhuman’s strength sprouts like a fungus

He need not light, warmth, compassion, or love

How can such a being thrive and live among us?

Suffocating daylight with divine powers from above?


There must be more than meets the eye with this guy

Surely he’s familiar with the emotions humans use

He exhibits nothing except his delightful desire to die

He’ll consider anything less just another way to lose


His skin has the same texture and feeling as yours

As would be expected, sweat leaks from his pores

What makes this person so different from common whores?

He has acquired a cold demeanor, and nothing more


His spirit is beyond broken, and has been forever

He’ll loathe human life, as long as there is an ever

What makes this being so different from humanity?

The subhuman desires nothing but death and calamity

Familiar foe

Posted in Story Time on April 5, 2011 by misainzig

An old acquaintance came to visit

A deafening deterrent to a mood once exquisite

Without warning, mind aflame

Is it time for the chase to return again?

Perhaps my acquaintance and I can coexist

Perhaps if I were more than a name on a list

As the truth trembles through the space of sound

The foreboding tremors tumble me towards the ground

A familiar foe I’ve felt before

Has now returned to settle the score