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You can listen to and/or download each of my separate guitar demos at the link above. They might suck, but at least give them a shot!


Check it out, my faithful minions!

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Misainzig is now on SoundClick. Want to hear some of my riffs?

Fuckin’ go for it!

Did Megadeth rip off obscure thrash band Iceland?

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My new video:

Blogging Update

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Within a month, I’m going to be launching another blog. This blog is going to showcase my music reviews, interviews with musicians, and just about everything else that is awesome.

Except all that other shit I didn’t just mention.

There are 3 prospective interviewees I should have by the end of the year. You’ve probably never heard of any of them, but what they have to say will be well worth your time.

Although it will predominantly be a METAL!!!!!! blog, there will also be dips into other genres I feel fit. I’ll also be chronicling all of the local music scene events. (although that’s a whopping 2 bands)

Watch out for this shit. It’s flying, and it’s hot.

I’m not bitching, but I want to address the matter.

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As some of my viewers may have seen, I have a video that is a parody of the Ashlee Simpson Saturday Night Live fiasco. (

Since late July, the video views have been decreasing steadily. On July 21st, I reached an all time high for views-per-day of about 2,050 or so. Now, it has dwindled down to 800/day.

This just goes to show you, things die out. I’m personally glad my video isn’t as popular as it once was. There aren’t as many dumb comments to respond to. I’m hoping it will just die out.

To keep a holiday theme to my posts today, “all I want for Christmas is for my fucking video to die.”

Nokturnal Transmissions Records 9/12/08

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New items in stock: 9/12/2008

Diabolic Intent – Reborn
Phallic Decapitant – The Chronicles Of Japanese Bear Dad

For a complete list of releases available from Nokturnal Transmissions Records, visit HERE.

Want to hear my new song?

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Synchronization of the Cosmos by none-other-than MISAINZIG!