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Misainzig – Mortality of the Monstrosity – Guitar Demo

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Here’s my 7th song in the past 2 months. It is a sequel of sorts to Boulder Devouring Monstrosity.

Mortality of the Monstrosity by Misainzig



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SAVE IT GODDAMNIT! These fuckers want to try and kill our favorite websites. WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up, inform our state representatives, and get this bill killed. I’m sure my reach on the net is far smaller than that of most sites, but if you see this, please do the right thing to help save the internet. Even if you don’t think this will effect you, I guarantee it will. And don’t take it from me; look up this bill for yourself just so you can see the injustice this creates for the internet. It will literally change everything, and for the worse.

I’ve contacted my state representative, have you?

New Banner

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Sweet, eh?


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Is a picture created by a friend of mine (MA goers will know this guy by the name Crick). He was bored, and he decided this imagine simply had to be made into an album cover. After all, it’s basically the coolest fucking picture ever. Not a real cover though.mis-sotf