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Warbringer – Live In Denver – May 8th, 2012

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Having seen Warbringer for my 4th time, I feel confident in saying they’re one of the best live acts to come from this last decade. Every show has the same energy, and the same tight performance. One would think that departing with longtime guitarist Adam Carroll that the band might not be able to have the same intensity. However, Andrew Bennett has done a fine job in his new gig both times I’ve seen him with them.

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Vital Remains – Live in Denver – May 8th 2012

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Rhode Island’s own Vital Remains stopped along with Destruction and company in Denver on May 8th, 2012. Founding guitarist Tony Lazaro has been the driving force in this band since its inception in 1988. As you can see below, Tony has this sick ‘666’ guitar with light up sixes around it. Too bad I couldn’t get a perfect picture of it for you to see. Although they sounded great, their set was cut short by the people running the venue. Fuckin’ assholes.

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Vital Remains is a death metal secret. Let the cat out of the bag and go see these guys.

Megadeth – Live in Denver – Aug. 25 2010

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Rust in Peace! And lol at the bald guy.

Hometown guitarist Chris Broderick

Dave Mustaine

Dave was actually quite a bit closer than it appears in this picture.

Chris Broderick being awesome

David Ellefson, on duty during the Dawn Patrol

Vic Rattlehead on duty during The Dawn Patrol as well!

Vic Rattlehead


Explosion of the purple hand?


Chris Broderick in the spotlight

Chris Broderick. Also, notice a picture within a picture - Liveception

Broderick rules!

The banner after the set was over